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schoolgirl outfits from bobon21 ♡


It was pretty spontaneous.

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"kids arent being social now a days because of those brain washing phones" what the fuck do you think we’re doing with the phones. do you think we just stare at the number pad. do you think twitter is just a one way text from a robot bird.

at the birth of my child


hello m’baby

random headcanons list! send me a character and i’ll tell you these headcanons about them


i saw this answered on someone’s blog but couldn’t find the original post so i’m doing a bad and reposting here because it’s cool and i wanna do it

  • what they smell like:  
  • how they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): 
  • what music they enjoy:
  • how much time they spend getting ready every morning: 
  • their favorite thing to collect: 
  • left or right-handed:.
  • religion (if any): 
  • favorite sport: 
  • favorite touristy thing to do when traveling:
  • favorite kind of weather: 
  • a weird/obscure fear they have: 


They’re transparent :3

**Pictures are from P4 2012-2013 Calendar


Persona x Kill la Kill


Persona x Kill la Kill

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